Happy New Year!


With the onslaught of new trends all around us, it can be hard to keep up!


I’ve never been one to latch on to trends, the very fact that something is trendy has always made me turn away from said item in horror. As an adolescent and teen I never understood the mad rush for boy bands, I couldn’t stand the fervor around Harry Potter, and I wouldn’t be caught dead in UGGS (especially when paired with mini-skirts…. as was unfortunately all the rage in my high school). I still have no idea why these things were so popular, although I can appreciate that Harry Potter had the amazing power to get many kids interested in reading. 


As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that I can have a more balanced approach to trends. I think it is important to carefully consider trends and see how they may affect your life. I always ask myself- does this ‘trend’ have staying power? Will this element or thing enhance my life? Do I truly love it or do I just love it for the moment?


When I can answer these questions, I know if it is worth picking up a low-price point trend item or if it is worth implementing the trend in a bigger way because I truly love it and feel that it will affect my life in a positive way.


In this post, I’m sharing trends that I feel have lasting power and will make a difference within interiors when utilized properly.


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1. Mixed Styles

Many of the design lists I’ve seen thus far promote Maximalism as a major design trend- a departure from the Scandinavian and Farmhouse interiors Instagram has been saturated with the past few years. I agree that often one trend will create a direct contrast of that trend. Trends have a way of making us crave the exact opposite when we’ve had enough. However, I believe we will see a continued movement towards mixed styles, rather than the extremes of minimalism or maximalism.


Mixing interior design styles is a better way to create a layered, curated home that fully expresses the dreams, values and interests of those who inhabit that space. In 2019, I encourage everyone to embolden themselves and go for the mix! Life is too short- you should live in an environment you love, not one that looks like a furniture store catalog. Unless you are in to that sort of thing…. then I encourage you to do you! ; )


In our Southern Comfort II project we designed for our clients, we mixed the husband’s mother’s antique chairs with a newer transitional style sofa they had purchased for another space. We updated the space with transitional style mirrored tables, a contemporary wool rug and an eclectic storage ottoman. We also included glam style pillows for an elegant layer of textures on top of the neutral sofa.

This is a fantastic example of how to mix interior design styles to incorporate items that are meaningful and beautiful to those who live in the space. Mixing styles is also a great way to create balance between couples and to find their merged style.

2. Saturated Colors

With the rise of Scandinavian and Modern Farmhouse styles, we’ve been flooded with imagery of white walls and neutral tones. While this feel refreshing and light, it can often lack the personality evoked by saturated colors. I’m ready for interiors to be unapologetically colorful again.

Nature is far from neutral, as is our history of design and decoration. In this world where we are constantly flooded with imagery of what others are doing it is easy to compare ourselves and to be afraid to have a point of view. Many are afraid of committing themselves to color and are often afraid of what others may think. 

Deep saturated jewel tones are common in nature and are a fantastic way to try on this trend. Teal, emerald green, rich ruby, sapphire and mustard are tones that are trending this year. Try pairing the saturated colors together in textiles, while keeping the walls and larger upholstery more neutral if it feels too overwhelming to try saturated tones on the walls or in large upholstery pieces.

3. Natural + Organic Forms

This trend is all about fluidity and femininty. While I love the tailored aesthetic of clean, masculine lines and geometric forms, I’m loving the counterbalance of the organic forms that are prevalent in the design industry at the latest markets. Curved sofas, organic stools and fluid, sculptural shaped lamps are showing up across the vendor lines. 

This trend works in a variety of interior design styles and I believe is here to stay. The fluid forms are evocative of nature- connecting the natural world to our interior spaces.

This gorgeous industrial inspired floor lamp has a branch-like aesthetic. Coming soon to our Lotus + Lilac Shoppe!

I adore curved sofas- I have an emerald green velvet curved sofa myself! This gorgeous Heatherly velvet sofa is from Anthro and comes in many saturated colors (see trend 2). It is a great piece to elevate the look of your living room. We’ve paired ours with a burl wood table with more masculine lines to create a balance between masculine and feminine.

I love the organic form of the Abel Mirror from CB2. It is elegant, but not stuffy.

4. Natural Materials

In this hectic world, many of us seek spaces that promote wellness and tranquility within our lives. Biophilia, a hypothesis introduced by Edward Wilson, suggests that we as humans have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. As more and more people continue to seek wellness and recognize this connection, integrating natural materials in our interior spaces will become a prominent design trend. Incorporating natural materials in your interior design is a fantastic way to create a grounded interior environment. Natural materials such as wood flooring or ceilings, stone, natural light and organic plants bring elements of nature inside.

We love to bring the outside in by using plants and preserved naturals.

We utilized marble, linen and capiz stone in this bathroom to create a nature inspired space that connects the family to their outdoor space.

We featured natural Amate Bark paper as a wallcovering in our Moroccan Master.

We featured a natural Jute Boucle Platinum rug by West Elm in our Southern Comfort project.

5. Modern Florals

Florals are not a new introduction by any means- the use of florals is ingrained in the history of human decoration and interiors. Florals are no longer stuffy. They have been reinvented as abstracts, in modern tones and and are featured on wallpaper and textiles.

Abstract floral pillow used on our Shades of Blue living room project.

We utilized a floral mural in our Southern Comfort project.

Love this Pop Art Jacquard pillow from West Elm!


Thanks for joining me!


Remember, interior design is about creating an environment that functions well for YOU and reflects YOUR values. Don’t get caught up in the trends unless they resonate with YOU.


Check in Friday for my weekly Friday Five for more of my faves, obsessions and design inspirations!

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