How does the in-person interior design service differ from online design?

Our on-site interior design service is an in-home/business design service in every aspect of the project vs. an online DIY design plan to implement on your own. We also offer hybrid services for those local to our studio.

Full service design or any on-site design begins with a phone call and a 90 minute in-home or business consultation. From there we’ll evaluate your functional needs, aesthetic preference and budget. We will put together an estimate (hours and furnishings budget) based on the scope of the project. Once accepted, we can begin our site survey and design process.

We will check-in to see how you feel about certain items, and then we will meet to present the overall design plan complete with samples for your furnishings, wallpaper, window treatments, hard surfaces, etc. After your approval, items will be ordered and we will coordinate the delivery and set-up of trade only furnishings, textiles and decor.

The final step is seeing your space come to life!

What is the typical timeline for your services?

Luxury Online Design: From the time you sign the contract and complete your homework (questionnaire, measure kit, photos) to the time you have a finished design board with shopping list is typically within 4 weeks. If you are ready to make big decisions quickly, we can be done as quickly as 2 weeks, depending on our workload.

Full Service Design: In-person full service interior design is an intimate and long process. A typical design project lasts around 4 months, but larger projects can take a full year. Typically, we can present a design concept within a month, however it may take up to six weeks depending on the number of projects our studio is undertaking. The length of time for an entire project is based on lead times for furnishings and your schedule for construction work with your contractor.

What is your fee for on-site interior design services?

Luxury Online Design is a flat fee based on the project scope (see Services for typical fees based on your space.)

On site design is billed at an hourly rate. A project estimate is provided after the in-home consultation.

I have never hired a designer. How much should I budget for a room?

We separate our design services from the cost of the room. Your designer investment depends on how much time the design requires and how much designer involvement you would like on the project.

Our goal is to curate a finished space. This means everything from the interior architecture, large furnishings, rugs, window treatments, lighting, to the small accessories. We are always mindful of our client’s budgets and are realistic with how far that budget can go. A typical starting budget for a fully furnished living room is around $15,000 to 20,000. Spaces with wallpaper, tile, architectural changes will require a larger budget. We can assist you with your budget development during our in-home consultation. This may sound like a lot, but if you add up all of the pieces in your space that have been acquired over the years you will find that the pieces add up.

We will work with you to develop an appropriate budget based on the work you would like done and the level of quality you prefer.

Where do you purchase furnishings and accessories?

We source and sell products from to the trade only vendors, and also source products from retail and online vendors for our design projects. We are retailers for some of these products, and therefore can provide these items at lower than retail pricing to our clients. We also receive discounts at some retail vendors that we pass along to our clients, so that they may make the most of their budgets.

How involved will I be in the design process?

Our clients work with us because we are creative and trained professionals in the field of interior design. We value the collaboration between client and designer. We require that you provide us with inspiration photos, have a budget prepared, as well as be willing to commit your time to meet with us during business hours and respond to our questions in our Online Studio. We work best with clients that appreciate our organization and communication methods through our Online Studio.

What should I have ready prior to working with a designer?

You should have an idea of what project you would like to embark on. We also require that you complete our client questionnaire where you will discuss your functionality issues, aesthetic wishes and more! We also need inspiration images and a budget.