Happy Friday! 

Every Friday, I’ll be sharing my 5 favorite things I’ve come across over the course of the week! This is definitely not limited to interior design- I’m always finding new and inspiring things that light up my life and pique my interest.

Of course, I’ll definitely be sharing inspirational interiors, furnishings, textiles, materials and other design elements that I can’t get out of my head!

However, I’ll also be featuring my favorite recipes, local restaurants or foods, local businesses, books I just can’t put down, amazing clothing items and more!

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Without further adieu, check out this week’s Friday Five below!


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“PATTERNITY was founded by Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham in London in 2009. United by their deep love of pattern and its ability to bring ideas, people and perspectives together, they wanted to share the positive power of pattern with the world.

Today we are a ‘conscious creative organisation’ underpinned by our core philosophyand multidisciplinary research. All our projectsproducts and educational events work with pattern to inspire more curious, collaborative and connected ways of living.” Patternity, www.patternity.com

I have admired the work of Patternity featured on their gorgeous Instagram and Pinterest account for some time. If you aren’t familiar with their work, this design duo is known for curating patterns. They have a tremendous online *encyclopedia* of patterns that they have carefully selected and categorized. They have also collaborated with national brands on major ad campaigns, created social exhibitions in the UK and released a namesake book. Now, this namesake book is not a new release. I’ve been meaning to purchase it for some time. And, I’m glad I finally did!

I’ve been reading the book this week with my morning coffee- reading with coffee is my one of my morning rituals before starting work for the day.  I’m very inspired by their design philosophies and world view. Patterns comprise the fabric of our world and are part of the beauty of living. Patterns can be examined within as a means of self improvement and outwardly as a means to improve society.

It is a beautiful coffee table book and a great book to encourage you to connect with your world and your examine your surroundings more carefully to find beauty and harmony in your life.


Yes, emerald green. For those that grew up in the hunter green and mauve days of the 90s with country casual interiors, it may hard to see the beauty in emerald green. I promise, when not paired with oak trim and knotty pine it can look truly stunning!

Emerald has been trending for a few years, but I’m loving the rich look of this tone on cabinetry right now. It has a classic feel, but also is right at home in modern interiors. I’ve been drooling over inspiration photos as we started painting the cabinetry in our Sears Bungalow Kitchen Project. Stay tuned for photos after we wrap up the project!

3. Bethan Gray x Anthropologie

Feather Collection Bed

The feather collection bed is everything I could possibly want in a bed…… and is definitely on my wish list when we get to our master bedroom remodel!

It features sumptuous velvet upholstery. The channel tufting curves out like a feather -creating a winged profile that is cozy and whimsical, but still offers plenty of sex appeal.

I just adore this bed in the marine colorway!

Feather Collection Rug

Like the feather collection bed, this design is reminiscent of a feather and a an art deco vibe to it. Both colorways are gorgeous and since it is comprised of viscose and cotton, it has a subtle sheen. This rug is best used in a light traffic space- like a bedroom or den.

These pieces are well-priced gorgeous accessories for the stylish professional.

4. Preserved Flora + Botanical Art

As most of you know, I’m a huge fan of nature. My love of nature is deeply rooted in my foundation- genealogically and in my earliest experiences in life. I’m truly happiest when I’m outside in nature- surrounded by plants. I have a strong desire for all interiors to feel just as inviting, grounding and as invigorating as a beautiful landscape. Preserved botanicals are another way to infuse our man-made environments with a touch of nature and is perfect for those who can’t seem to take care of live plants.

Black Background Botanical Print, Set of 6


These preserved botanicals from Etsy seller, Day Three Creations, are gorgeous on this moody black background.

Botanical Fossils


I’ve been watching local Philly artist, Ron Nicole, create beautiful botanical fossils over the course of the past year through her Instagram account @iamronnicole. I’m so in love with her beautiful specimens she creates- and I especially love her latest collection ‘Ash’.


5. Phillip Jeffries Pathways

I’ll admit it… I have a thing for cork. It has amazing natural texture that is so grounding for me. And, when paired with metallic tones- it just blows me away! I covet the texture and I just love how the natural qualities of cork give way to reveal just that hint of bling. It is simply stunning!


I love to use cork wallpapers on our projects. We’ve used cork wallpapers on ceilings, to line the back of bookcases and even on staircase walls!

Here’s a recent project where we paired a blue metallic wallpaper with a mural printed on sisal. The effect is remarkable- I love how it supports the design of the mural.

This new Phillip Jeffries line of wallpaper takes my cork obsession to another level. It oozes sex appeal! The geometric metallic reveal is edgy and creates energy with its movement

Thanks for joining me for this week’s Friday Five. Check in next week for more of my faves, obsessions and design inspirations!

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