Happy Friday! 


This has been quite a busy week- filled with holiday parties, family get togethers, and of course wrapping up our client’s projects and planning for 2019. It has been a wonderful week and we are looking forward to more celebrating this weekend!

This week I’m sharing textile crushes, must have shoes, a favorite book and some amazing interior design inspo!

Without further adieu, check out this week’s Friday Five below!


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I love textiles.

I’m sure it’s not extremely surprising that an interior designer loves textiles. In fact, working with textiles is one of the things that attracted me to this line of work.

My mother enjoyed knitting, needlepoint and sewing as a hobby and would often encourage me to tag along on trips to the fabric store. I would eagerly look forward to our trips to the fabric stores to collect fabrics for homemade clothing. I could lose myself in the aisles of fabrics for hours- my imagination full of colorful clothing and items that could be made from the textiles that surrounded me.

I still get giddy when I see new textiles. Admittedly, I’m a textile hoarder. My basement is full of boxes of loose samples, unique textiles from around the world, rolls of scraps and trims along with a robust library of fabrics books and collections. I’m brought back to that feeling in childhood when I have a day at the design center- losing myself in the aisles of fabrics. Earlier this week, I went to the Philly Design Center and fell in love with a fabric from Pierre Frey.

The fabric was colorful and geometric- it had such energy and the design was further enhanced by it’s embroidery. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.

Pierre Frey is a family-owned French textile company that manufacturers fabric, wallpaper, rugs and furniture. Their designs are impeccable.

Here are a couple I love including that beautiful geometric design!

Pueblos is a beautiful embroidery on linen fabric. It is fabulous upholstered on this accent chair, but I fell in love with a large scale piece of it and I can’t help but imagine it as statement making draperies or as a fabulous full length skirt!

Another textile I’m loving from Pierre Frey is Gustave- it was inspired by Gustav Klimt and it is printed on cotton and would make a fabulous throw pillow!


Birdies are the most stylish flats that are secretly a slipper. They are the perfect way to stay comfortable- all while wearing unique and fashionable footwear!

I’m pretty minimalistic when it comes to shoes these days. If you had told my 16 year old self that I would only be wearing heels about 1x a year, I would have been flabbergasted. Needless to say, I found that wearing heels limited my mobility and fitness goals. I feel much more comfortable wearing flats, boots, loafers and sneakers these days. This doesn’t mean that I’m willing to sacrifice on style!

I’m wearing Birdies out to meetings and while in the office. I want them in EVERY pattern, but I especially love the BIRDIES X KEN FULK Animalia collection!  I’m coveting the leopard and peacock flats. I would probably have to fight my daughter for them though- because my 3 year old love to get into my closet and she loves big cats: )


Earlier this week, I came across this gorgeous SOHO apartment designed by Elena Frampton on AD.

I have looked at the article a few *ahem., at least 10* times now, and the design continues to linger in my mind.

This impeccably designed apartment she created for her design and art loving client is colorful, sexy and magical.  I just want to move in….although the design is definitely more fitting for a bachelor, not the mother of a three year old!

The home is filled with color, sumptuous metallics and gorgeous art. Every space is immaculate and features fine details- such as the wool upholstered bedroom walls that are trimmed with metallic leather.

Check out the slideshow. Seriously, go now and commence the drooling….  https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/frampton-co-soho-apartment.

Check out this sumptuous master suite!


Juniper Briggs is an insanely talented artist that I’ve been following on Instagram for some time.

Her artwork is soulful and bright. Her beautiful exploration of the female form is empowering,. Her pieces celebrate the feminine soul.

She recently released a collection called Kimono and it is stunning. Kimono is well composed and celebrates the history of folk art with simplistic design. I love her use of marks on both the kimonos and the backgrounds.

Check out her collection and follow her on Instagram!


After all of the holiday parties are coming to an end, I’m craving coziness. There is something so restorative and comforting in cozy textures after expending your energy in the world.

I’m breaking out new bedding pieces and throws for the sofa creating cozy spaces perfect for reading and snuggling with velvet, faux fur, and soft knits!

Check out a few of my favorite pieces below.

We’ve had this Luxe Faux Fur from RH for over a year and it is still just as soft and comfortable as the day we purchased it.

Luxe Faux Fur– RH

Mongolian Fur Pillows are a fantastic way to add that cozy touch to your sofa or bed.

Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover West Elm

Adding a velvet quilt to your bedding ensemble is a great way to update your bedroom for the Winter. This Deco quilt from West Elm is cozy and so chic!

Luster Velvet Deco Quilt West Elm

Thanks for joining me for this week’s Friday Five. Check in next week for more of my faves, obsessions and design inspirations!

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