Friday Five 2.8.19

I’m back with a new Friday Five! This week I’m obsessed with trim, Kips Bay Showhouse, amazing creatives and new Spring releases from one of our favorite vendors.

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2019 Interior Design Trends

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that I can have a more balanced approach to trends. I think it is important to carefully consider trends and see how they may affect your life. I always ask myself- does this ‘trend’ have staying power? Will this element or thing enhance my life? Do I truly love it or do I just love it for the moment?

When I can answer these questions, I know if it is worth picking up a low-price point trend item or if it is worth implementing the trend in a bigger way because I truly love it and feel that it will affect my life in a positive way.

In this post, I’m sharing trends that I feel have lasting power and will make a difference within interiors when utilized properly.

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Favorite Interior Design + Decorating Books

I’ve been a bookworm all of my life, so it’s no surprise that I love to decorate with books as well! Coffee table books a great way to display your taste and typically feature beautiful covers that can add interest to your room’s design.

Below I’ve listed my favorite coffee table books books. I’ve read many of them several times and love their covers!

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Friday Five 12.28.18

This has been quite a busy week- filled with holiday parties, family get togethers, and of course wrapping up our client’s projects and planning for 2019. It has been a wonderful week and we are looking forward to more celebrating this weekend!

This week I’m sharing textile crushes, must have shoes, a favorite book and some amazing interior design inspo!

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Encouraging Wellness Through Interior Design

Most of us are aware that our environments have a direct impact on how we function and feel. Environmental Psychologists have been studying this since the 70s. I was really curious about this as a young adult, as I had observed the effect of my environment on my own well being as a teenager. As a result, when I was in college studying psychology I read many books on the topic to find out more.

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Friday Five- 12.21.18

Every Friday, I’ll be sharing my 5 favorite things I’ve come across over the course of the week! This is definitely not limited to interior design- I’m always finding new and inspiring things that light up my life and pique my interest.

Of course, I’ll definitely be sharing inspirational interiors, furnishings, textiles, materials and other design elements that I can’t get out of my head!

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Before and After: A Cramped Bathroom Gets a Spa-Inspired Makeover

After living with a cramped shower and narrow bathroom for 15 years….. our clients desired an open, airy bathroom with a large shower and an open floor plan. They wanted to take advantage of the light from their existing skylight. We also wanted to ensure the vanity felt integrated into their bathroom, not the bedroom!

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Before and After: A Builder Grade Family Room Gets an Update

Our clients were seeking to update their builder grade family room. They requested a comfortable family room with architectural interest and a stone faced fireplace with a rustic mantle. Ultimately, they wanted a space that felt light and bright, but still conveyed the warmth of an intimate family space.

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